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Pregnancy Massage & Thai Massage

Helen Bloomfield has used massage for many years – in her youth as a gymnast and more recently in her work with people with learning disabilities. She has an ITEC diploma in anatomy, physiology and massage and has completed a further qualification in pregnancy massage. She studied Thai massage with the Seven Star School of Traditional Thai Massage. Helen is currently training to be a midwife.



Traditional Thai massage (TTM) is an ancient form of massage that comes from India, from the same roots as yoga. It was first documented over 2,500 years ago and techniques have remained the same since then.

The therapist uses a mixture of stretching, massaging and pressure points to ease muscle tension, loosen tight tendons and ligaments and release energy blocks within the body. The client’s body is stretched and manipulated into yoga-like positions. The whole body is worked on to maintain balance and allow energy to flow throughout. It is a deep and rhythmic treatment after which you will feel looser, more relaxed and have a greater range of movement. Depending on your need, you can also be invigorated and energised.

It can help relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. It can ease general aches and pains, as well as specific physical problems such as stiff necks, frozen shoulders and bad backs.

The treatment is carried out on a mat on the floor and the therapist works through the clothes so wearing comfortable, stretchy clothing is recommended. A treatment usually lasts at least one and a half hours.


Therapeutic massage is an oil massage in which the therapist uses different massage strokes to work deeply into the soft tissues of the body to release tension and ease the pain of tight muscles. It is a holistic massage that will relax the whole body, as well as focussing on problem areas such as neck, shoulders and lower back.

The massage incorporates different techniques to work through the layers of soft tissue – some flowing and stretching, others pinpointing knots. Although relaxing, the pressure is quite firm and so may be a little uncomfortable at times.


Massage is an excellent way to support yourself through your pregnancy – right from when you first find out, through the birth and afterwards. If you have had massage up to conception, there is no need to stop now. If you’ve never had massage before you may find that this is the perfect time to start.

Massage during the first trimester is a good way to ease into your pregnancy. It helps to relieve tension, helps you to relax and ease into the change that your body is undergoing. It can help with nausea and anxiety.

The second trimester is when you and your baby are growing and your body is accommodating this change. Massage at this time helps to release muscle tensions and aid the changes. It will help with problems such as heartburn, backache and poor circulation.

In the third trimester you are possibly feeling very large and maybe have more aches and pains as well as oedema (puffy hands and feet). Massage will help with these as well as support you to prepare for the birth and encourage the foetus into the best possible position. Your partner can also be taught some massage techniques to help you at this stage and through the labour.

After the birth, massage will help realign your pelvis and promote the ‘return to normal’ of your abdomen muscles. It will also relieve shoulder and neck tension that come with lifting, carrying and breast-feeding a baby.

Massage is made comfortable throughout the pregnancy by the therapist working with you in different positions and using pillows to support you. During the treatment there is also time for advice on exercises to help you ease your own body, relaxation techniques, breathing and self massage.

Helen Bloomfield works from Eau de Vie (01865 200678) and as a mobile therapist (0787 630 7427), using massage to support mothers and fathers, throughout pregnancy and after the birth.

Helen Bloomfield offers Massage - Traditional Thai Massage - Pregnancy Massage - and is a self-employed practitioner based at Eau de Vie Oxford

Please make sure that you are able to pay with either cash or cheque, your payment goes directly to the therapist that treats you, Eau de Vie cannot take a card payment for your treatment

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