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Structural Integration

Structural Integration (SI) is a way of exploring your body and its structural relationships (which used to be called ‘carriage’), and initiating change for the better in posture, movement, and your knowledge of how your body works.

This is a fascial approach to balancing skeletal alignment. Fascia is the body's organising tissue. It is what wraps the muscles, bones and organs and what creates tendons and ligaments. Fascia is meant to distribute strain evenly, when we stand, sit or move – unfortunately, through trauma, injury or daily habits, the fascia can become tight, short or sticky, not allowing for balanced or easy movement. This method frees and lengthens the fascia to restore alignment and ease.

As a series of treatments, SI works on systematically and progressively unfolding held tension. Each session continues the work of the previous session while setting the conditions for the following session.

I offer three ways for you to explore SI:

• 90 minute session to introduce you to the process
• A series of three or four 90 minute progressive appointments
• A series of twelve 90 minute progressive appointments

If you are new to bodywork and have no real experience with hands-on therapy, then an introductory session may be the way to start. The 3-series is also a great introduction to structural bodywork. The 3-series uses SI principles and techniques to address the pelvic girdle, legs and feet, the upper body and the shoulders, and the neck and spine respectively, giving you a good introduction to yourself and the method. The full SI program (a twelve session series) works its way through your body in a more detailed and thorough way.

The work itself is done on a treatment table, or for certain moves on a specialised bench. I use my fingers, hands or arm to contact certain body tissues, and then ask you to move in specific ways while these tissues are opened and repositioned.

The process of opening our myofascial tissues can involve feelings of stretch or trigger point sensations, often radiating distant to the area being released. The level of this sensation is in your control, and entirely up to you. I will strive to find the right depth for you so that we can facilitate maximum value from each session, consistent with your comfort and acceptance.

View your KMI series as a project with a beginning, middle and an end, not an ongoing and endless therapy. Clients may return after 6 months for a one off ‘tune up’; others simply go on to some alternative maintenance/workout routine (such as yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais) that is appropriate for them.

Appointments should be spaced between 1-4 weeks apart.

Myofascial release

Slow and deep massage using hands, elbows and forearms, working with the intention of stretching and assisting the release of fascia. (See SI for an explanation of what fascia is).

Appointment times vary from 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Holistic Massage

A head to toe massage, connecting, flowing, invigorating, stretching, unwinding and deeply relaxing.

Appointment times vary from 30, 60 or 90 minutes

Hot Stone Fusion

Hot Basalt stones are used to create a deep penetrating massage. The stones are heated with water and used with oil to administer traditional massage strokes, whilst other stones are placed on the body to warm and invigorate. The wet heat re-hydrates the muscles, allowing for a greater intensity of release. Hot and cold stones can be used very specifically for isolated areas of injury or to achieve a deep sedative massage.

Appointment times vary from 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Specific application:
Intra-oral Massage

Working within the mouth is a powerful and effective way to help clients achieve balance in the upper body. Most people hold some amount of tension in the jaw muscles. Through manual treatment of the neck, throat, outer jaw and within the mouth, it is possible to release long held tension. The goal is to allow pain free range of motion, release muscular tension while improving alignment of jaw, head and neck. This work is particularly useful for people of with tension headaches, whiplash, digestive problems, scoliosis, TMJ disorder, teeth grinders as well as many other conditions.

These appointments are 90 minutes.

For more information contact me at writetozita@gmail.com

Zita Hajdu offers Massage - Hot Stone Massage - Myofascial Release - Structural Integration - Therapeutic Bodywork - and is a resident practitioner at Eau de Vie Oxford

Please make sure that you are able to pay with either cash or cheque, your payment goes directly to the therapist that treats you, Eau de Vie cannot take a card payment for your treatment

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